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Inside this site you'll find a wealth of information related to academic skill development.  Access to the site is free however in order to view the entire site we ask that you take a moment to register using the "register" link on the bottom of this page.

In addition to providing the contents on this site, Enlightening Learners provides academic coaching and tutoring to individuals and  small groups (in the East Bay region of California), and long distance sessions via webcasting.


Student completes homework on time. Student prioritizes homework based on importance, difficulty, and urgency; sets up proper study environment; and establishes routines to develop focus and initiative. Student completes homework on time
Student knows material for test. Student views class time as test preparation, takes effective notes, and actively reviews them; makes effective use of teacher help sessions by bringing specific questions; anticipates format and content of tests; and prepares with active strategies that match the particular assessment. Student knows material for test
Student completes long-term projects on time with accurate information. Student learns project management skills, including how to plan backward from deadline, how to break project into component parts, and how to do quality control; keeps self accountable by using appropriate supports, such as wall calendars and check-ins from parents, teachers and/or coach. Student completes long-term projects on time with accurate information
Student writes clear essay Student understands criteria for successful essay, including topic development, organization, style and GUM (grammar, usage, mechanics); uses writing process to accord time effectively and to manage occasional blocks. Student writes clear essay.
Student completes reading assignments with good understanding of material Student uses text-appropriate methods to read for retention, including previewing, note-taking, and summarizing; understands and uses active reading techniques, including asking questions, making connections, and drawing inferences; understands that the essence of reading is making meaning. Student completes reading assignments with good understanding of material.


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