Without practice, facts and academic skills are most susceptible to forgetting (e.g., Cooper & Sweller, 1987). Some evidence suggests that students loose close to 40% of what they've learned over the school year during the three months of summer vacation.

To curtail the effects of Summer Learning Loss, Enlightening Learners is pleased to announce three summer learning programs: "Transition to High School", "Reading To Learn", and "Getting Ahead Of The Class".  Some of the benefits of these 3 programs:

    • each session is planned by an instructor with 16 years experience teaching students with learning problems and modifying curricula
    • Only those skills which are weak are developed
    • internet sessions cost $25.00 and one-to-one instruction cost $40.00 per session


Reading To Learn focuses on reading skills.  We proudly use  the Wilson Reading System® to provide quality reading instruction and remediation training. Wilson follows the principals developed by the Orton-Gillingham reading program.  Some of the benefits:

  • Offers a research-based program with twenty years of data collected and analyzed from school districts implementing the program.
  • Provides a systematic and cumulative approach to teach total word structure for decoding and encoding.
  • Follows a ten-part lesson plan that addresses decoding, encoding, 
    oral reading fluency, and comprehension in a sensible and logical fashion.
  • Aids teachers by making all instruction multisensory and interactive.
  • Uses a unique “sound tapping” system.
  • Has one of the most extensive collections of controlled and decodable text (word lists, sentences, stories) for students beyond the primary grades.
  • Provides two levels of vocabulary, making this program appropriate 
    for students in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as adults.
  • Uses criterion-based assessments built into the program to measure student progress and success.
  • Is a comprehensive program that can follow students from grade to grade.

The Transition To High School program focuses on skills needed for a successful freshman year. Skills focused on include:

  • Reading skills for text book reading
  • Note taking and study guide development
  • Test preparation and test taking skills
  • Organization and time management.

Clients going through the Transition program develop the skills through a 2 week unit of literature that is age appropriate.

Getting Ahead focuses on next year's math curriculum and its goal is to pre-teach the skills that students will need to be successful in next year's math course. This program is right for students who get overwhelmed and need extra processing time to better understand the material being presented.

With the Getting ahead program students receive:

  • access to math related videos that provide instruction in math related skills
  • On-line downloadable practice problems and tests
  • instruction in note taking and test preparation

Individual and small groups sessions are available. Discounts are available for group sessions (groups are a maximum of three students).

Every student who registers for any session will receive an Enlightening Learners Organization System, which contains:

  • A 3 inch binder capable of holding all classes in one binder
  • A complete calendar system with month and weekly calendars
  • Dividers for all classes
  • Templates for note taking with instructions on how to use
  • Test preparation strategies.
  • Access to the Enlightening Learners Academic Skill Development website.

Scheduling your sessions is simple and can be delivered in person (one-to-one) instruction or through webcasting (internet based classroom).  To get started simply click the "schedule an appointment" tab and follow the steps.

For more information on the programs noted above feel free to contact Paul Bretz via email or phone: 925.640.5810.

To learn more about Summer Learning Loss please see the attachments here and here.

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