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Enlightening Learners is pleased to announce the release of its summer session. Choose from two programs: transition to high school and "getting ahead of the class" Each program is tailored to individual needs The transition class focuses on skill… more »
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To provide support for struggling students and families, Enlightening Learners Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services, a Livermore based tutoring company, will be providing a free webinar, web based lecture, to  parents and students with tips for getti… more »
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I've created, and have plans to create more, instructional videos on how to use the Google calendar fathers, with the goal of providing support for parents and students who wish to save time keeping track of student assignments and events. Feel Free to… more »
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Thanks to the purchase of a new computer Enlightening Learners is now able to provide on-line tutoring through the application skype.  We've added a feature that allows readers and clients to know when we're online and available for video conferencing. more »

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