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Enlightening Learners Tutoring has had a wonderful and productive summer and feedback has been very supportive.

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Everyone should be able to articulate their own personal learning styles and know what they are.  The good people of have developed a great website that details the learning styles. The information contained on this post has been copied and pasted from their site.

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Executive Functioning is a term used by psychologists and teachers to describe the process of managing one's daily tasks, planning, and self-management  . Below is the list of executive functions from Dr. Gioia and his colleagues. Included is a specific illustration of each executive function.

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In our second session participants applied the new knowledge of Cornell Note taking with the goal of recording information in preparation for a test on the Latin American economy.

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The "Getting Ahead" program has gotten off to a great start!  At our introductory meeting parents and students completed an Executuve Functioing Inventory sheet which looks at students' perceptions of how their academic skills fair and we compare those results to parent perceptions.  What's surpring is how critical kids, of all ages, are of their skills.  In most cases the kids rated their skills lower than their parents.  The survey can be found on the resources page of this site.

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